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The Purpose Of B.V.C:

  • Is to prevent and cure partial or total blindness resulting from amblyopia (lazy eye) through distributing information to parents, pre-schoolers, children´s home, etc., on the importance of getting pre-school children’s eyes tested and corrective measures performed by ophthalmologists and other professionals with experience in screening and treating amblyopia.
  • To continue our program of mass Home Vision Test Kit of pre-verbal to 5-year-old children for amblyopia with our Home Vision Test Kit that can be administered by parents.
  • Identification, Prevention of, or Reduction in, the treatment of underlying eye disorders.


With “good” visual acuity we can uplift, inspire, and motivate individuals to live a positive life, to reach their highest potential, and thrive in their field of dreams?

Better Vision For Children Foundation (BVC) is a non-profit charity that offers free comprehensive sponsored vision testing for infants and preschoolers, working to prevent and cure partial or total blindness resulting from amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Autism, A.D.D., and Eye Cancer.

BVC is a 100% volunteer organization that has screened over 300,000 children in the U.S. and Mexico since 1985.  Only 3 – 4% of children in the U.S. receive eye care services before the age of six. Most vision-related diseases are completely curable if detected and treated at an early age. The sole purpose of BVC is to help identify eye diseases that cause death and eye disorders through our program of free mass testing, thanks to supporter donations and sponsors.

The Better Vision for Children Foundation (B.V.C.) is a nonprofit public benefit association which is organized and operated for charitable purposes. B.V.C. has established its tax exempt status under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.