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Frustrated with major portfolio and 401k losses over the past few years, BVC organized the Global Investors Forum or GIF in March ’09 to investigate and act, independently, on promising new investment opportunities. The guiding metric for the GIF is… no metrics. We will look at everything: stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, precious metals, commodities, real estate, fine art, new business startups, etc… worldwide.

We held our first meeting at the BVC sponsored Business Development Seminar in San Diego in April ’09. It was an unqualified success. We are not only funding a new business that is paying vendors and will soon start hiring… something everyone wants, but one of the financial speakers highlighted a stock that has more than doubled since then, and keeps going up almost every week.

There are no fees or dues to join GIF. Those who have benefited from membership feel they have benefited from membership can either donate, volunteer to assist BVC or join us as a ‘Business Development Specialist’ and lend your expertise in evaluating new business opportunities. We have made provisions for individuals to join and participate in the GIF online from anywhere in the world, and already have members in several states countries.

If you are interested in participating in GIF, please call or send us an email. See “Contact” page for details.