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The Better Vision for Children Foundation, like many other relatively small nonprofit organizations, is at a disadvantage regarding conventional fundraising, we are developing, and have already initiated, some new, “out of the box”, fundraising programs. We are especially interested in exploring other ideas that can result in creating new jobs, new ventures, and new prosperity. We have successfully facilitated several programs and are looking forward to helping you achieve your goals as well. Most of these programs can be implemented anywhere in the United States, even in other countries. (Some are now in existence in Mexico through our sister organization, ‘BVC DE BAJA CALIFORNIA’.)

You can start BVC chapters in your community/country by utilizing some of our proven systems. In doing so, you will be taking part in one of the most important things you can do for children… saving their eyesight and lives.

How can we help you?

Better Vision for Children Fundraisers pairs the best ‘entrepreneurs’ with the right ‘angel investors’. We pre-screen and pre-qualify everyone to make sure the process goes smoothly and efficiently.


Do you have an ‘idea’, an ‘invention’, a ‘product’ or ‘property to buy or sell’? Are you in need of working capital? Do you need expert guidance to help bring your business to the next level? We can bring the right people to you with our vast network of investors and experts.

Angel Investors

Are you looking for a pre-screened, pre-qualified ideas, inventions, or Investments to enhance your portfolio? Does the idea of looking at A handful of quality opportunities in one location, at one meeting, maximizing your time and effort appeal to you? Better Vision for Children Fundraisers is the solution for you…



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