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Organization, Objectives, and Utilization of Donations

The Better Vision for Children Foundation (B.V.C.) is a nonprofit public benefit association which is organized and operated for charitable purposes. B.V.C. has established its tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The sole purpose of B.V.C:

  • Is to prevent and cure partial or total blindness resulting from amblyopia (lazy eye) through distributing information to parents, pre-schoolers, children´s homes, etc., on the importance of getting pre-school children’s eyes tested and corrective measures performed by ophthalmologists and other professionals with experience in screening and treating amblyopia.
  • To continue our program of mass screening of one – to four-year-old children for amblyopia with a digital photo screener that can be operated by non-medical personnel.
  • Payment of, or reduction in, the cost of the prescription eyeglasses or lenses required for treatment of underlying eye disorders

We welcome donations in any amount. They will be used exclusively to assist with education, detection, and treatment of the amblyopic condition among disadvantaged children.

We are always looking for new avenues to spread our message and getting people involved in our cause. We have a Facebook Account for BVC that just recently has been updated. If you are not a member yet, please click on the link below and become a member of our Facebook Page!