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Prevent Blindness and Autism

                 Better Vision … Better Life… Better Vision For Children Foundation (BVC) is a non-profit charity   offering free comprehensive vision testing for infants and preschoolers, working to prevent and cure partial or total blindness resulting from amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Autism and Eye Cancer. BVC is a 100% volunteer organization that has screened over 300,000 children […]

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Blindness – Social and Economic Impact and Prevention

Blindness – Social and Economic Impact and Prevention Blindness – Social and Economic Impact and Prevention – Tom Cataldo, Founder of Better Vision for Children Foundation, a 501 c (3) Non-profit Organization.

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Eric Garcetti Commends Tom Cataldo, BVC

Eric Garcetti Commends Tom Cataldo, Founder of Better Vision For Children Foundation The City of Los Angeles Presented on Jan. 11, 2013, a resolution of thanks, signed by the Mayor and the entire CIty Council. Commending the Non Profit for it’s 26 incredible years of testing for and preventing blindness causing issues with young children. […]

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Myths About Lazy Eye (amblyopia) & Eye Cancer (retinoblastoma)

There are many myths about what is commonly referred to as Lazy Eye (amblyopia) and eye cancer (retinoblastoma). Here are the facts: Every state, county, city and school district can save eyesight, money and even the lives of some pre-verbal children, with a one-second eye test most jurisdictions know nothing about yet. Retinoblastoma is now […]

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Facts

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Facts According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 3 -4% of children in America has received eye care services before the age of six.

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American Optometric Association (AOA) Recommendations

American Optometric Association (AOA) Recommendations The American Optometric Association (AOA) supports early vision evaluations and regularly scheduled vision testing. AOA also states that asymptomatic/risk free children should have a comprehensive examination at age 3, again before first grade and every 2 years after at the very least. They also strongly suggest that well-designed and properly […]

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New Camera to Help the Legally Blind

Until recently, the only hope for those living with blindness or low vision was to basically get used to their condition. No cure was available other than adapting to their new circumstances. That was until Amnon Shashua, a professor of computer science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem decided to create the OrCam. This new […]

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Nearly Two-thirds of American Adults Have Vision Problems, But Many Do Nothing About It

We’re living in the golden age of health. Now, more than ever, people are concerned about their health and physical well-being. This isn’t to say that the concept of health is in any way new (just look at how far back Traditional Chinese Medicine dates), but the way we take care of ourselves sure has changed. […]

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Is Cataract Surgery the Right Choice?

Do you have cataracts? Are you sick and tired of diminishing vision because of your cataracts? If you said yes to either of these questions, then you must be one of the many people who is contemplating cataract surgery. But unlike any surgery, you find yourself asking if it’s the right choice for you. Surgery […]

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March is Save Your Vision Month and Workplace Eye Health & Safety Month!

Every March, the American Optometric Association launches a nation-wide campaign to raise awareness about workplace eye health and vision safety. Americans work hard, it’s true. According to a study, in 2015, the average American worked 1790 hours. If you’re going to be spending that many hours at work, you’re going to want to work in […]

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How is it That We Have 3D Vision?

Have you ever wondered how humans are able to see in 3D? The three-dimensional world is an incredible thing. The way we perceive the world in 3D is no mistake. Our eyes are behind this exciting feat of evolution. 3D Vision, otherwise known as stereo vision is probably the most complex feature of our […]

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Eye Conditions that Can be Addressed with Vision Therapy

We’ve thrown this stat at our readers more times than we can count, but it’s just such a pertinent one that we’re going to give it to you one more time: Did you know that 80 percent of all learning is visual? Though this statistic refers mostly to classroom learning, it really does speak to […]

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5 Normal Vision Changes to Watch Out for as We Age

Our bodies are constantly changing in every stage of life. From birth to old age, there’s no stopping. Your high school health course may have taught you that your body stops changing after puberty, but it’s simply not true! Did you know that your nose and ears are constantly growing throughout your entire life? That’s […]

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Is Your Kid’s Diet Good Enough?

Whether you’re an experienced parent, doing it for the first time or have a very short babysitting resume, there’s one thing everyone can agree on. Kids can be picky eaters which in turn can be a real pain in the butt for those feeding them. We all know that kids can’t be put in charge […]

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New Eye Drops that Dissolve Cataracts

The future is truly now. With technology advancing at speeds we can hardly keep up with, with a new iPhone being released every six months, and three-dimensional printers being used in hospitals to print body parts and organs, it isn’t hard to imagine that a new cure for cataracts in on the horizon in […]

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Common Eye Problems in Preschoolers: Part 2

Welcome to part two of our mini-series on common eye problems in pre-schoolers. If you recall we published part one in December. In part one, we outlined three of the most common eye conditions your pre-school may be subject to developing: amblyopia (lazy eye), hyperopia (farsightedness) and myopia (nearsightedness). This month, we’re back with three more […]

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Keeping Astigmatism at Bay: The Best Fixes

It can be easy to tell if you’re farsighted because your vision will be blurry when you look at things up close, but you’ll be able to see things clearly in the distance. And it can be easy to tell if you’re nearsighted, because, well you’ll be able to see things up close clearly, but […]

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What is Visual Acuity?

We’ve all seen those ads from eye glass companies selling not only stylish prescription glasses but also the promise of 20/20 vision. This has led to the widely accepted notion that 20/20 is the best possible vision. After all, an eyewear company isn’t going to sell their products on the promise of worse vision. Not […]

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Recent Study Shows Link Between ADHD and Vision Impairment

Being a child in this day and age is no walk in the park. With vision problems like astigmatism on the rise, so is another disorder that may affect your child’s eyesight: ADHD. According to the CDC, in 2011, 11 percent of American children were diagnosed with ADHD which averages out to about 6.4 million […]

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Smartphone-enabled Vision Testing Kits: The Future of Vision Care?

Today it seems that everything is available to us at the touch of a button. Do you need to look something up? You reach for your smartphone and Google it. You’re hungry but don’t have any food in the house? You reach for your smartphone and have someone deliver food to you from either your favorite […]

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Give Your Kids a Better Life with Better Vision

The one thing every parent wants for their child is a happy life. If you could, you would shield your child from bullies, sickness, scrapes, and boo boos. Unfortunately, there are some things parents just can’t control, like your child’s first crush breaking their heart. It’s a part of life that happens to everyone but that […]

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Visual Snow: Do You Suffer from this Mysterious Eye Condition?

The human body holds millions of secrets to be discovered. With the advancement of science you’d think we’d have discovered everything, but that just simply isn’t the truth. So it should be no surprise that there is, in fact, a vision condition that is completely unexplainable. Some eye experts even refuse to believe it exists! […]

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Link Between Eye Care Benefits and Better Vision Habits

We use our eyes every single day without giving it a thought. We wake up in the morning and our eyes are ready to go. While the rest of our body is slowly beginning to function after a good night’s rest, our eyes are already on high alert. They get us through work, through school, […]

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Common Eye Problems in Pre-schoolers and Warning Signs: Part 1

Being a toddler is an exciting time. Kids spend their days discovering the world by reading (or rather looking at pictures while you read to them), playing games, jumping, running, crawling and rolling around. You want your preschooler to enjoy the time they have before it’s time to begin their school journey. But before your […]

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Should You Really Trust Apps and Online Exams When it Comes to Your Eye Health?

It’s safe to say that there’s an app for just about everything out there. Looking for some entertainment? Something to help track your expenses? A guide to help you procrastinate less? No worry, the app store has got you covered on all fronts… including eye health it seems. Apps to help track and monitor your […]

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Back to School Priority List Should Include Eye Exam

Back to school can be a hectic time for parents. While kids are excited to go back to school, see their friends and meet their new teachers, you’re worried about the fact that your child’s backpack has a mysterious hole going right through the bottom. As you rush around to buy all the necessary school […]

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The Do’s and Don’t of Vision Care

There’s a lot of information out there concerning your eye health. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell who and what to believe; which is why we have organizations like the American Council on Science and Health operating to bring you the most reliable and up to date information about, well, science and health. Ana […]

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How is Your State Screening for Vision Problems?

What would we do without our vision? Living in a world that is highly inaccessible for blind people or people with low vision, it is important to make sure our children get the chance to develop healthy and sharp eyesight. Unfortunately for many children, receiving the proper care and eye tests is not high on […]

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Can Each of Your Eyes See the Same Color Differently?

Look at a spot on the wall. Now close your left eye, then open it and close your right eye. Notice anything different about the color of the wall? Some of you may have noticed a slight blue or red tint when you closed an eye. This probably means each of your eyes perceives colors […]

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What Causes Vision Delays in Babies?

Everyone wants what’s best for their baby, and one of the most heartbreaking things for a parent to hear is that their baby has […]

Everyone wants what’s best for their baby, and one of the most heartbreaking things for a parent to hear is that their baby has development issues. Whether it be mental or physical, no one wants to get that news back from their pediatrician. The same goes for a baby’s vision. Vision health may be […]

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Will Vision Therapy Benefit Your Child?

No one can deny the importance of sight. More importantly, no one can deny the importance of healthy eye development in children. When something goes wrong, kids can have a tough time in school, sports, or any other activity that requires sight. Vision therapy may be a good option when it comes to children with […]

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Lazy Eye May Be Treatable in Adults Now, Not Just Kids

Many a time we have heard that adult amblyopia (or lazy eye) is untreatable. Children with amblyopia can be cured, but after the age of 6, it becomes difficult to cure the vision condition. If not treated before then, you’d get a pat on the back and a pair of shiny new glasses. Looks like […]

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Protecting Eye Health from Infancy

Eye health is important in every stage of life, even infancy. There is no way for a baby to know when there is something wrong with their eyes, heck even some adults can’t recognize the signs. As parents, it’s up to you to know how to take care of every aspect of your baby’s health, even […]

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What Are Binocular Vision Disorders and Could Your Child Have One?

When you’re a parent, you spend a lot of time worrying about the health of your kids. So, when one of them comes up to you and complains of a really bad headache, visions of brain tumors may creep in your mind. Relax, the headache may not be caused by any brain disorder. It might […]

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Why Babies’ Eye Color Changes from Blue to Another Color

You may have noticed that your best friend’s newborn baby’s eyes are now brown. But you could have sworn that just months ago at the baby’s first coming home party, they had those beautiful blue eyes. Well, you can stop the brain wracking because no tricks are being played here. In fact, it’s a […]

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New Study Reveals What Newborn Babies Can See

Ever made eye contact with a baby and wondered what exactly they were seeing when they looked back at you? Turns out a few researchers were certainly curious. A team led by Svein Magnussen of the Institute of Psychology has performed a study that sheds new light on the way that newborns perceive their worlds. […]

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How Vision Problems Can Impact Your Child’s Social Development

We spend a lot of time on RYV talking about the effects that vision can have on the day-to-day lives of older people. Presbyopia, glaucoma, cataracts, AMD – all are extremely common, severe eye disorders, and all are much more likely to affect silver citizens than they are children. Sometimes though, visual problems can have […]

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Test Your Color Vision

Bored? Here, try this color vision game. How’d it gone? If it went poorly, don’t let the fact that you’re more mole than hawk get you down – this particular eye test isn’t exactly rigorously clinical. It’s also a better test of color sensitivity than it is of color vision. Still, it does put us […]

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Does Your Child Have ADHD or a Vision Disorder?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, has become one of the most commonly diagnosed childhood behavioral conditions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports one in nine children receive a diagnosis under current clinical guidelines, a number that has caused an enormous amount of controversy among physicians, educators, parents, and other groups. Many critics […]

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Why Schedule an Infant Eye Exam?

Infants don’t necessarily seem like the most obvious candidates for an eye exam. They’re young, growing, and years away from the age-related vision disorders we spend so much time talking about on this site. However, even though they might not have the same worries about macular degeneration that you do, there’s still a wide range […]

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How to Care for Your Child’s Eyes Without Breaking the Bank

Childhood is a crucial period for visual health. Younger eyes take some time to fully mature – babies lack distance vision, tracking, and even color vision at birth, and develop these abilities over the first few months of life. Even after infancy, vision still doesn’t reach full maturity until well into childhood, with some skills, […]

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Early Eyes: Strabismus and Amblyopia in Children

We spend an awful lot of time on this site talking about what happens to age eyes. As older folks, to put it nicely, that’s something we can either sympathize with or worry about. However, for many people, the degenerating vision that comes along with age (presbyopia) isn’t really a looming issue. Or well, it […]

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Can Dark Therapy Rebuild Vision?

Can you believe that sitting in a dark room for several days could improve your vision? It seems a little crazy, but some researchers in Canada have found that it may just work! Although it seems illogical to some, many experts are saying, “Of course!” In complete darkness, your eyes will be resting much more […]

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What Your Child’s Eye Exam Should Evaluate

Children’s eye health can change pretty quickly, which is why it’s so important that they receive regular eye exams. There are many children who do not receive regular eye exams that have undetected vision problems. Those vision problems can lead to learning problems, attention problems, and even behavioral problems. It isn’t unusual for children to […]

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Are Your Kids’ Eye Screenings Passing the Grade?

It is recommended that children receive eye exams before entering school and then every one to two years thereafter. However, the American Optometric Association states that almost 25 percent of kids in school have problems with their vision but are not receiving regular eye exams to detect these issues. In addition, only about one-third of […]

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Your Child and Myopia

More and more children are being diagnosed with myopia, or nearsightedness, every year. Many people are wondering why there has been such an increase in the number of children who are nearsighted. In addition, there’s a question as to what exactly causes nearsightedness in children and what the long term risks are in children who […]

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Why Vision Problems Start When School Starts

Vision problems often become evident in children right after school starts each year. Children can develop a number of different vision problems, but a common one is problems with their binocular vision. Binocular vision is when both eyes are able to work together. This binocular vision can sometimes become weakened in children’s eyes causing them […]

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Babies Can Have Cataracts Too

Cataracts are quite commonly found in elderly people, so when you hear the word ‘cataracts’ the elderly are usually who come to mind. The fact is, though, that babies can also have cataracts. Out of every 10,000 babies, three are diagnosed with cataracts. Cataracts occur in babies because the lens of the eye, or both […]

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Improve Your Vision and Improve Your Life

Have you ever thought about how much more you would be able to get out of life if your vision was better? Most people don’t even consider the fact that better vision could keep small aggravations away and allow you to do more things. Sometimes when we are in the thick of our day-to-day lives, […]

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Slowing the Progression of Myopia in Children

Myopia (also known as nearsightedness) is a growing problem among children. Myopia is when a person can see clearly up close, but distant objects appear blurry. The rate of myopia in children has grown with the increased use of electronic devices such as handheld video games, laptop computers, electronic pads and tablets among other things. […]

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Eye Exercises for Blurred Vision

Blurred vision or blurry vision is when one or both of your eyes experience a failure to see things in a sharp fashion. The inability to see fine detail can be a symptom of many things ranging from a serious disease or health concern, such as glaucoma, to more common vision loss conditions, like nearsightedness […]

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Video Game Eye Exam Might Catch Common Vision Problems in Children

Many parents spend countless hours trying to get their kids to stop playing video games and watching television long enough to enjoy a healthier hobby such as playing outdoors. With a new development at the University of Tennessee, parents may begin to appreciate the value of video games a little more! Video Games as an […]

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Best Eye Exercises for Kids

When it comes to their children, parents are always going to want the best for them. Whether that means success in everything life has to offer or overall health and well-being, we want our kids to be happy, healthy and, well, perfect! There is no denying that many children today suffer from poor vision, as […]

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Signs of Eye Problems in Children

Eye problems are rare in children, but they do happen. Unfortunately many children can’t verbalize to their parents if they are having eye issues, so it is up to the parent to be observant. Your child might show some tell-tale signs of eye problems, which you shouldn’t take lightly. Most optometrists are trained to see patients […]

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Safeguarding Your Children’s Eyesight Through Proper Nutrition

A balanced diet, containing all the required nutrients in proper amounts, can improve the quality of life for people of all ages, but proper nutrition is never more important than during childhood. The foundation of all the systems used throughout life is formed during those early years, and too little of one of these nutritional […]

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The Myth of Eyeglasses & How They Hinder Your Eyesight

Folks with less than perfect vision often need to visit the optometrist, get a prescription, and order their eyeglasses. A few weeks and a few hundred dollars later, they can “see again” with the help of their stylish new glasses. Many people even think they can see “as good as new” with the help of […]

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Fun Vision Facts Part 4

Regular readers of our blog will remember our Fun Vision Facts series and today it’s time for some more fun with optics! We’ve enjoyed putting together for you the wackiest, most surprising and wow-factor facts about all things eye-related. The eyes are truly an amazing muscle and though some of these facts are more silly than […]

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Fun Vision Facts Part 3

We talk so much on this blog about the serious implications of eye health that it’s time for something that will make you smile! Our first two Fun Vision Fact posts were so successful that a new one is long overdue. Some of these facts even surprised us. Welcome to the wacky and wonderful world […]

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My Child’s Eyesight: What You Need to Know

Pencils, notebooks, crayons, chalk. You’re filling your children’s backpacks with all the supplies they need to succeed. But have you left out the most important school tool? According to All About Vision, more than 80 percent of what a child learns in school is presented visually, so following good vision practices for your kids can […]

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Can You Cure Nearsightedness Naturally?

If you have to squint to recognize that person waving at you from down the street, you’re not alone—not only that but your numbers are growing every day. According to a recent research study funded by the National Center for Health Statistics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Eye Institute, the […]

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Fun Vision Facts – Part 1

Normally we write about serious topics about your vision. However, today I’m doing something different. Through our research, we always run across fun vision facts or interesting sayings that we’ve all heard our entire lives, but never realize where they originate from. Today I’m going to tell you where the common phrases “you’re blind as […]

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What Your Eyes Do When You Sleep

We’ve mentioned the dangers of not getting enough sleep in other posts. However, we didn’t really get into what sleep actually was or how it can help our vision. If you are like many people you probably think that your eyes are still and relaxed during sleep, during part of your sleep period this would […]

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Children’s First Eye Test. How Young Is Too Young?

This one is important for me, especially being a parent of two young boys. According to the American Optometric Association, children should have an eye exam by no later than six months old, then again by age three, and just before starting school. School-age children need an exam every two to three years after that […]

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Can Your Child’s Vision Affect an ADHD Diagnosis?

According to a recent Denver Channel article, approximately 4.5 million children in the United States were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Anyone who is a parent knows how hard it is to get kids to pay attention sometimes, but sometimes I feel as if an ADHD diagnosis is not the right answer. A […]

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