Myths About Lazy Eye (amblyopia) & Eye Cancer (retinoblastoma)

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There are many myths about what is commonly referred to as Lazy Eye (amblyopia) and eye cancer (retinoblastoma). Here are the facts:

  1. Every state, county, city and school district can save eyesight, money and even the lives of some pre-verbal children, with a one-second eye test most jurisdictions know nothing about yet.
  2. Retinoblastoma is now one of the leading causes of infant death. In many cases the eye(s) are removed to prevent the spread of cancer and the child still dies.
  3. The Better Vision for Children screenings are described here by world renowned amblyopia expert, Salvatore Stella, M.D.
  4. Amblyopia, in its several types, is now the leading cause of permanent vision loss in the United States. Amblyopia and retinoblastoma incapacitate or blind about 500,000 children each year and have already done the same to over 18 million adults.
  5. Amblyopia is usually not reversible after age five, resulting in legal blindness at 20/200 or worse.
  6. Amblyopia can affect both eyes, in one version that must be treated by age one (deprivation amblyopia).
  7. Amblyopia and retinoblastoma was detected in over 30 percent of the children screened in three years (results of tests conducted by B.V.C. at preschools and Wal-Mart Vision Centers in low-income areas of San
    Diego County beginning in October 1995).
  8. Amblyopia and retinoblastoma can be reliably detected only by pediatric ophthalmologists in lengthy testing which is not usually done (barringinjury, how many times did your child visit a pediatric ophthalmologist before the age of five?), or with this portable, instantaneous, photo-refractive screening done exclusively by the Better Vision for Children Foundation’s Project H.E.A.L. (Help Eliminate Amblyopia/Lazy eye).
  9. Amblyopia and retinoblastoma are easily prevented or treated in most cases, if detected before age three.
  10. Amblyopia has been virtually eliminated in Sweden!
  11. Amblyopia and retinoblastoma do not “go away” on their own. It must be treated.