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                 Better Vision … Better Life…

Better Vision For Children Foundation (BVC) is a non-profit charity   offering free comprehensive vision testing for infants and preschoolers, working to prevent and cure partial or total blindness resulting from amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Autism and Eye Cancer.

BVC is a 100% volunteer organization that has screened over 300,000 children in the U.S. and Mexico for since 1985.

The purpose of BVC is to prevent blindness and autism through our program of mass testing, thanks to supporter donations and sponsors. Our other programs include education awareness and funding Anti – Bullying and suicide prevention messages. In order to understand the probable common causes of bullying you must realize that wearing glasses is the number one reason of bullying.

Approximately 15%–20% of children are at risk for amblyopia and, according to the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. Prevent Blindness America has estimated the economic burden of undiagnosed vision loss in children aged 0–17 years at $48 million per year. Vision problems diagnosed and treated early lower the potential to negatively affect the child’s development.

Additionally, when income and quality of life issues are included, the economic impact of visual disabilities associated with amblyopia is estimated to approach $23 billion annually.

“Only 3% – 4% children in the U.S. receive eye care services before the age of six. Most vision related diseases are completely curable if detected and treated at an early age.”

However, various barriers keep this from occurring; only 33 percent of young children across the country actually receive eye exam before starting school.

Underscoring the importance of vision to academic achievement, a study conducted in the Oklahoma Public School District among elementary school students found that visual acuity was a greater predictor of performance on specific standardized test than race or social economic status.

The most sought after jobs in professions and sports require good vision and hand-eye coordination. Parents, businesses, academia and sports entities want our children to succeed in their field of dreams.

The Better Vision for children foundation is dedicated to education, enhancing and preserving the lives of our children…

We believe that each human being has a valuable contribution to make in the world and deserves to feel loved, included, and treated with respect. Will you join us in changing “Our World”?