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Dr. Raymundo G. Mendoza
Optometry/Family Eye Care

Wal-Mart Building (619) 690-1105
710 Dennery Road, San Diego
CA 92173 (619) 488-8666

Dear Better Vision For Children Foundation,

Thank you. It’s great to be involved with the Better Vision For Children Foundation.

The screening we ran brought a lot of traffic through our store, the vision center, and my clinic. It was almost elbow to elbow at times. My regular, scheduled patients didn’t mind – they were impressed by all the media coverage. Two newspapers came to do stories and Channel 7 did a short segment the day.

By the way, I ended up doing twice my usual gross for Saturday. I had two families insist on examinations for their children right there and then after the screening. They were so impressed by our state of the art equipment and of course our friendliness with them and their kids.

Thank you for exposing us to all the nearby commercial businesses that sent their employees’ families to the screening. Most had not been aware of my office here. I’m hoping they will remember when they need their next exam. I’m looking forward to February 22 for the next event. The Wal-Mart manager agreed to help with buying frames for the little children who need glasses.

Let me know how I can help – now and in the future. Any one who will sponsor a screening will be very happy that they did. It’s a true example of: “Do good to do well.”

Best regards,

Raymundo G. Mendoza, O.D.