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Celebrities / Dignitaries / CEO’s BVC is blessed in having the support of prominent people in the fields of entertainment, government, business, and sports… like Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Carter, Larry King, John Walton (Walmart), and others. It has helped raise awareness and funding for early vision screening for children.

There is a growing realization among them that MILLIONS of our children are finding it difficult, even impossible, to succeed in many fields without normal vision. In sports, for example, there is virtually no chance of becoming a major league baseball, football or basketball player without clear 20/20 vision. It is THE dream of many underprivileged children who, sadly, have higher incidences of the serious PREVENTABLE vision problems that will keep them from getting there.

Even bigger and more alarming…a US Government study revealed that 25% of all children starting school in America have UNDETECTED vision problems that WILL affect their ability to read and learn. That was over 10 years ago; it is over 35% today. Supporters of The Better Vision For Children Foundation.